Business is conducted professionally to maintain high standards of fair dealings in a forthright manner treating others with dignity.

We share useful technical suggestions with customer who value our deep knowledge and understanding to reduce cost of projects without compromising functionality and safety of workmen and equipment.

The company does not indulge in negative marketing as has become the norm.

We compete on fair grounds without dipping prices unbelievably low and therefore are not constrained to cut corners.


Who did his B.Tech (Hons) in Electrical Engineering in 1972 from one of the best school in India namely INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KHARAGPUR.


Who did his Electrical Engineering Diploma in the year 1975

The company was started by founders on 5th August, 1980. Both founders worked in similar organizations after engineering and had an opportunity to join hands together in 1980 and started in a small rented shed in industrial area of Delhi with 9 other people.


In 1987 bought a piece of 800 sq,m. land just outside capital city of New Delhi in a then young and upcoming industrial area just across river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh. In 1988 shifted entire work force to a newly minted 17000 sq.ft. having facility with better hydraulic machines for cutting / bending and fabricating sheet enclosures made of mild steel or aluminium or stainless steel with very good pretreatment & painting facility.

The company in past has taken steps to train people in many different roles, e.g., a design engineer after 2-3 years is shifted to shop floor to take care of quality assurance and stage inspection. Similarly an engineer from shop floor is shifted to design desk. This way company has a ready pool of people with diverse skill set and is also good for self esteem and growth of engineers and other staff. Many of the staff in a way have multi skill sets. The company has delegated in a way so work does not suffer when founders are away. Similarly company has encouraged suggestions from shop level workers to make various internal production processes cost effective thereby improving productivity. The company has done well and will continue to grow only because team members work in tandem with passion and feelings to serve the customers. Workers and staff may not have a ROI concept, yet are fully aware of meaningful savings at every steps of processes which adds to bottom line however small the contribution may be.

We have had many brain storming training sessions of :-

  1. Only staff
  2. Only workers
  3. Combined workers and staff

This way every person knows that contribution by others is to be respected and honoured – and also it leads to cohesive team work reducing internal friction.

The company has designed and developed a set of documents in line with ISO philosophy. All methods/ processes are properly documented and records are available at designated places/ files/ electronic record. Though the company provides customized solutions but designs are broken into many standardized steps which over the years have been documented well. Similarly all costing/ quality/ inspection store and accounts records are available in hard/ e-files and easily accessible.


Since inception we strongly believed in offering solutions & not just products.

Solution with designs at optimum costs to meet customer’s operational/functional/safety requirements precisely without cutting corners on quality .We continue to follow this approach even today & shall do so always in future too. My personal commitment is that we as a team shall create memorable & enjoyable experience for customers of dealing with Jasper each & every time we work together.

Your valuable feedback to me directly shall always be welcome.

All our pretreatment/painting processes are environmentally friendly We have adequate equipments for chemical neutralization so that all wastes are disposed off without
degrading atmosphere. All discharge water is neutralized & reused further in water tanks. No chemical/water is allowed to flow in gutter or seeped underground.

We installed harvesting equipments & underground tanks in 2006 even before it became mandatory.

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