Our customers represent a wide range of industries namely, Power generation, transmission & distribution, Paper, Cement, Pharma, Sugar, Steel, Oil & Refineries, Textiles, Spinning etc. to name a few. These industries incorporate customized product provided by us. We have also exported to number of countries, viz., MALAYSIA, ZAMBIA, ZIMBABWE, ETHIOPIA, KUWAIT, THAILAND, SUDAN, GHANA, BHUTAN, NEPAL, BANGLADESH and many more.

Our Product Installations around the World

Our busducts are preapproved in many end user organisations particularly in generating and transmission sector of power and also in Oil & Refineries. The prior approval with major industry / power sector has taken us almost 15 years of work. Some of our customers are slowly experimenting with sandwitch bus bar trunking (BBT) for which presently we do not have any design / technology. This itself presents an opportunity for further future growth with an additional stream of revenue.

Technology Seminars for Customers

The company has been conducting technical seminars since 2005 wherein the FOUNDER MR. ARVIND MATHUR goes to customer organization at own expense and share technical knowledge about bus bars, metallurgical properties, current carrying efficiency etc. and thereby has built a loyal customer base of atleast 1700 prominent electrical engineers with their complete contact details, e-mail / mobile numbers and physical location of each. The contact list of 1700 engineers working at different level have over the years built up sufficient loyalty towards our bus duct and solutions. Such Seminar sessions could last as much as 2-3 hours and are highly interactive and is highly rewarding for all. The company shares with its prospective clients, technical knowledge about “WHY” of a particular design. The company also shares conceptual design and explain behavior of particular conductor in a layout which changes drastically in a different configuration. This deep knowledge of metallurgy and physics of metals has allowed us to be ready with next generation of design – and has built in competitive advantages to face future challenges.

We keep getting RFQ automatically on a daily basis because of prior approval and excellent testimonials / references provided by customers. The company has no hesitation to provide site services even after warrantee period is over. There are no negative surprises after an order is received, minor changes with little cost implications are absorbed by sales or design team. Our business goodwill built up over past is a WIN-WIN for all. Length of association with customers allows us to tide over difficult situations. The association with all stakeholders is built on trust. The company generally focuses on short cycle orders so execution is done quickly with low chances of inflation in cost push.

We keep getting repeat business from high end customers, some of whom are FORTUNE 500 companies. The customers are many so there is no customer concentration risk as work orders are received from diverse projects. Since the company is directly approved by end users there is no dependence on intermediaries.


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