We are in business of providing Custom-Built solutions for design,manufacture, shop testing and supply of various items loosely covered under broad nomenclature of LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR AND AIR INSULATED BUSDUCTS.

We have two categories of products :

  • Air Insulated Bus ducts upto 11000 V. These bus ducts are further subdivided –
    1. AC/DC Low Voltage Air Insulated non-segregated bus ducts (NSPBD), IEC 61439; IEC 439 / IS 8623.
    2. Upto 11000 V High Voltage Air Insuslated busducts, segregated phase busducts (SPBD); IS 8084.
  • Low Voltage Switchboards & MCC etc. both in “Drawout” and “Fixed” version IS 8623 / IEC 439; IEC 61439.

We provide very strong value proposition by amassing lucrative business process expertise and exceptionally solid and unique design of air insulated busducts for which we have developed a “NICHE” for ourselves. The design provides very efficient use of material thereby exploiting all expensive metals, e.g. copper & aluminium to its full potential as allowed by technical specifications and still remaining well below upper threshold of temperature rise expected. Since company has excellent design and very good customer base, we are a niche player with low risk profile. Our product share is heavily tilted towards busducts which commands as much as 70% – 80% of revenue, balance divided between Drawout and Fixed Type of Low Voltage Switchboards and MCC etc. Our brand enjoys strong name recognition and is associated with superior product attracting upscale clientele who value quality.


The company has many type tests conducted at an external NABL approved laboratory in accordance:

IEC-439 / IS 8623 for LV Switchgear Panel & MCC.
IS 8623 / IEC 439 & IS 8084 for Busducts


The company has taken multiple small innovative steps to improve productivity of each process/ material consumption thereby reducing overall cost of production without cutting corners. Such innovation is sustainable and has allowed us to change design of bus ducts from Generation-1 to Generation-2 in the past 7-8 years. The Generation-2 design is unique in many features which are all very useful for end users. The company is ready with Generation-3 design which will allow for future explosive growth because of highly competitive use of all resources particularly metals. A tremendous change is about to happen – a new IEC 61439 is to be adopted in India. This will mean lots of opportunities. Our busducts already conform to IEC 61439 – This is so because our Founder Mr. ARVIND MATHUR has been a member of Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS ) since year 2006. We are fully aware of changes that are likely to happen over next 2-3 years – hence the company is ready to adopt IEC 61439.

R & D

We have emphasized on R & D since beginning to provide solutions for customers. Large number of designs have been initially tested in-house Lab. Thereafter all ratings/designs/configurations are type tested independently at ERDA,VADODRA. Type testing is in line with IS/IEC standards. All products after assembly are routinely tested before dispatch. Test certificates are part of documentation.


Each product/shipping section is properly vacuum cleaned , dirt/foreign material removed& wrapped in double polythene sheet and an extra layer of shrink sheet. Corrugated sheet of at least 3-ply is used when necessary. Suitable wooden packing as required is used for long distance transport. Seaworthy export packing as specified is used with anti bacteria fumigation for exports.

Pre/Post Sales

Whenever customer needs any pre sales support in finalization of specification, design or boq service is provided as a matter of habit. After sales if there are any technical Issues at site the same are resolved either on telephone or by our team of competent workers & engineers.


Manuals are part of documents.

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